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Liquid Eyewear Titan Tactical Glasses

For the best eye protection from a pair of frames larger than the Player style but smaller than the Gasket style, try out a pair of these Liquid Titan tactical sport glasses. With medium sized frames to accommodate a variety of different facial structures, the Liquid eyewear Titan sunglasses feature the same hingeless Liquid design but incorporate lenses that are taller than other models in the Liquid eyewear line.

The unique design of the Liquid Titan hingeless aluminum sunglasses eliminate the use of any moving parts typically found on glasses, which minimizes damage caused by constant hinging and unhinging of the arms. Instead, you have a wrap-around, rubber arm design that can be easily and constantly adjusted for optimal fit and comfort. Additionally, you can customize your perfect Liquid Titan glasses for shooting by choosing from a variety of lenses.

Trust the quality and durability of the Liquid Titan military safety glasses with their 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee your satisfaction. Shop the great selection of Liquid Titan eyewear today at Notch Gear!